This is a page about those that have contributed to Lite Bites and their work.



Writer and artist of dubious quality.  

My comics


The Hero factor




Also responsible for writing and visualizing  Dark Holiday, and proving visuals for Madams night out and After; Oh dog!



Has been writing comics since the early 90s. However having the artistic talent of a concussed cockroach, does not draw.

His wife suggested illustrating a few scripts with Playmobil toys. So Character Development was born as a way of having fun with bad jokes and silly toys.

He also does a rugby comic called Utterly rucked.

He has submitted many scripts to lite bites, some are still available should any artists be interested.

Contributions to Lite bites are the after stories, including Starry, starry night, Fire sale and Oh dog! so far.  Bad meat which is the first of a series of six page shorts. Micky House and several one pagers.